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The Parish of Ulverston

Presentation of Christ in the Temple

An Advent message from the Rector, Alan Bing :

Alan BingOur Christmas publicity this year asks the question: ‘What have your Christmas traditions got to do with Christmas?’ It’s a good question, because there is always the danger of becoming so used to doing things in a particular way that we forget why we are doing it in the first place.  Familiarity breeds contempt very often.

The seasonal TV adverts of the big retailers are thought provoking again this year. John Lewis have, through Monty the Penguin, emphasised the importance of relationships at this time year. Monty is looking for companionship, and his owner kindly meets his needs with the perfect gift on Christmas Day.

A desire for peace and friendship and is the message behind the Sainsbury’s advert, which remembers the truce between German and British forces at the front line on Christmas Eve 1914. We will be remembering the same event at ‘Silent Night Carols’ on Christmas Eve one hundred years later. We hope you can join us for that or one of our other Christmas services

There is still a yearning for relationships and for true community, where we can share openly and be accepted for who we are.

There is still a yearning for peace, especially in places like South Sudan and the Ukraine, but also in our own nation and even in our own homes.

At Christmas, we are reminded that God the Father sent his Son into the world so that we might be brought back into relationship with him and one another, and experience true peace.

Martin Smith asks: "Why put the 'X' in Christmas?" in this 3 minute video recording of his own composition. This is in MP4 format.

We wish you every blessing.

Mission Update

Jigsaw Project

Read the latest email from Tim and Kate Lee, dated 6th September 2014, regarding a delayed departure to Manila through a lost passport!

Gary & Jane Howarth

Gary and Jane HowarthGary and Jane are now settling down in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea.

Keep up to date with them by viewing their blog.

For their latest email and other information see the entry on the Mission page.

Beth and Sam WallaceBeth and Sam Wallace:


Autumn is almost upon us... sadly the summer has come to an end! The leaves have begun to change, and it's not even September yet! In two weeks we will be beginning the Fall DTS- read more about it here.

We hope that your summer has been restful and you have enjoyed the beautiful weather I believe we have been having worldwide!

Thank you for reading, for your prayers and for your encouragement as we continue to serve the Lord with Youth With A Mission.

Sam and Beth

Noticesfor 23rd November

The Festival of Christ the King

Sunday 23rd November

08:30 Holy Communion
10:30 Morning Prayer
15:00 Holy Communion at St. John's
19:00 Café Church

Monday 24th November

08:30 Morning Prayer
19:00 Prayer Surgery (Parish Office)
19:00 Bell Ringing Practice

Tuesday 25th November

08:30 Morning Prayer

Wednesday 26th November

08:30 Morning Prayer

Thursday 27th November

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Holy Communion

Friday 28th November

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Coffee and Chat

Saturday 29th November


Sunday 30th November

08:30 Holy Communion
10:30 Morning Prayer
15:00 Carols at the Cross (Market Cross
19:00 Café Church


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