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A message from the Rector

Alan BingRest and Relaxation

The summer holidays give us a great opportunity to relax and be refreshed. Many people will be going away with family or friends to a chosen holiday destination, or to popular Christian festivals such as New Wine, Keswick or Soul Survivor.

When Jesus said to his disciples that he is the vine and we are the branches, he was speaking of how we receive life, energy and purpose from him. When he spoke of how the branches of the vine need to be pruned in order to be fruitful, he was speaking of how we have to regularly get rid of things which have served their time and purpose, in order that he can produce new things which will bless us and others.

As we abide in Jesus as branches in the vine, we are saying No to being busy, acquisitive and status-driven, and Yes to rest and fruitfulness.

There is a natural, God-given rhythm of work and rest, of pruning and fruitfulness.

Alan Bing
Rector of Ulverston

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Read the latest News Letter dated February 2015

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Beth and Sam WallaceBeth and Sam Wallace:


The Backpackers Discipleship Training School is now well under way.

We spent our first week of orientation and Hearing God's Voice at City of Rocks, camping, climbing and getting to know each other.

We have 8 students this year:
Patrick, Kaleb, Christian, Gabe, Wes, Victoria, Sharon and Tatyana. 

Tonight we will officially welcome them with a dinner with around 40 guests! Then this week we will be learning about the Father Heart of God, followed by a week our first official backpacking trip in the Idaho wilderness.


Baby Wallace is now 17 weeks! He/She can now hear our voices and a little bump is beginning to show. We continue to praise God for the healthy growth of our baby.


  • For our students (names above) as they continue to receive what God has in store for them.
  • For continued grace and energy for Beth.
For wisdom and discernement as we lead this DTS.

Notices for the 30th August

The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 30th August

08:30 Holy Commnion
10:30 Morning Prayer
18:00 Café Church Lite at Costa Coffee

Monday 31st August

08:30 Morning Prayer
19:00 Bell ringing Practice
20:00 Music Practice

Tuesday 1st September

08:30 Morning Prayer

Wednesday 2nd September

08:30 Morning Prayer

Thursday 3rd September

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Holy Communion

Friday 4th September

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Coffee and Chat

Saturday 5th September


Sunday 6th September

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:30 Holy Commnion
18:30 Café Church


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