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The Parish of Ulverston

Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Brian JonesWelcome to the Parish of Ulverston!

September is here, marking the end of the long summer holiday break for many people and the commemcement of a new academic year, with all that that implies for our young people. Return to school and into a new class, a move from primary to higher education or even from the High School and on to college or university. New things, a new start, excitement and some trepidation no doubt. Whatever the change may be, they all need our conitinuing support, especially in prayer.

You will see that the return of Café Church brings with is another change - a new series of messages - not 'sermons', by the way! - on the subject of: "Doing What Jesus Did – A fresh look at the gifts of the Spirit". This should prove to be of interest to many of us so perhaps we shall be seeing fresh faces on Sunday evenings at 19:00. (The coffee and cake is also worth coming for!)

 It has been rumoured that the 'Church is dead' - but that is far from the truth iin our experience as we feel that we have something to offer everyone, with a rich variety in our worship and a wide range of activities throughout the week. For further details see elsewhere on this website.

On an August Wednesday afternoon there was an afternoon tea laid on by the ladies of the parish and attended by some 80, mainly elderly, people who all had a good time. 'Click' on the image below to learn more.

Afternoon tea

God  be with you
Brian Jones

Mission Update

Jigsaw Project

Read the latest email from Tim and Kate Lee, dated 6th September 2014, regarding a delayed departure to Manila through a lost passport!

Gary & Jane Howarth

Gary and Jane HowarthGary and Jane are now settling down in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea.

Keep up to date with them by viewing their blog.

For their latest email and other information see the entry on the Mission page.

Beth and Sam WallaceBeth and Sam Wallace:


Autumn is almost upon us... sadly the summer has come to an end! The leaves have begun to change, and it's not even September yet! In two weeks we will be beginning the Fall DTS- read more about it here.

We hope that your summer has been restful and you have enjoyed the beautiful weather I believe we have been having worldwide!

Thank you for reading, for your prayers and for your encouragement as we continue to serve the Lord with Youth With A Mission.

Sam and Beth

Noticesfor 19th October

Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 19th October

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:30 Healing Service with Baptisms
19:00 Café Church

Monday 20th October

08:30 Morning Prayer
19:00 Prayer Surgery (Parish Office)
19:00 Bell Ringing Practice

Tuesday 21st October

08:30 Morning Prayer

Wednesday 22nd October

08:30 Morning Prayer

Thursday 23rd October

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Holy Communion

Friday 24th October

08:30 Morning Prayer
10:00 Coffee and Chat

Saturday 25th October


Sunday 26th October

08:30 Holy Communion
10:30 Morning Prayer with Baptism
15:00 Holy Communion at St. John's
19:00 Café Church


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